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We recommend regular eye examinations to detect vision deficiencies and disease. How often you see the eye doctor depends on your age and stage in life.

  • Initial visit at age 5, or just before entering school
  • Every two years throughout school ages
  • Every two to three years, from age 19 to 40
  • Every one to two years, from age 41 to 60 Every year after reaching age 60

You should also see your Ophthalmologist at any time if you notice unusual symptoms such as:

  • Visual disturbances
  • Redness in one or both eyes
  • Swelling or pain in one or both eyes
  • Worsening vision

An eye examination is an evaluation of visual acuity as well as the health of your eyes, and usually includes a glaucoma test and retinal evaluation. A thorough eye exam will detect eye health problems, prevent deteriorating eyesight, and provide a prescription if corrective or contact lenses are needed for reading, distance, computer use, or any combination of these.


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