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Premium Lenses

Premium Lenses

Premium Lenses services offered in Sacramento and Folsom, CA

After recovering from cataract surgery, high-quality intraocular lenses can make all the difference in your vision. At Eye Site Sacramento in Sacramento and Folsom, California, the experienced ophthalmologists can help you choose the best premium lenses to deliver the highest level of visual acuity. Call the nearest office today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about the benefits of premium lenses for cataract surgery.

Premium Lenses Q & A

What are premium lenses?

Cataract surgery involves replacing clouded natural lenses with artificial clear lenses. At Eye Site Sacramento, the experienced ophthalmologists understand the difference that high-quality lenses can make in your vision’s acuity and clarity. That’s why the practice invests in premium intraocular lenses. 

Most patients rely on glasses and contact lenses after cataract surgery. Premium lenses can help correct eye irregularities, such as myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness), to minimize your need for these devices after surgery.

Whether you’re interested in multifocal, toric, or accommodating lenses, the practice offers an array of premium lenses to restore your vision.

Are there different types of premium lenses?

Eye Site Sacramento offers multiple options for premium lenses for cataract surgery, including:

Toric IOL

A toric IOL is a single-focus lens that can help treat astigmatism, an imperfection in the cornea that causes it to curve at an abnormal angle. Toric IOLs help treat this curvature to correct blurred vision up close.

Multifocal IOLs

Multifocal IOLs contain varying lens powers to help you focus on objects up close and at a distance. While multifocal IOLs help you see clearly during the day, they can make it difficult to see at night.

Extended depth-of-focus IOLs

Extended depth-of-focus IOLs are similar to multifocal lenses but have fewer focusing abilities. As a result, they also have fewer side effects. Their focusing power isn’t as strong, but these IOLs may help you see more clearly at night.

Accommodating IOLs

Accommodating IOLs use the muscles inside your eyes to adjust your focus at varying distances. While these lenses tend to work well early on, they can lose their efficacy over time.

How do I know which premium lenses are right for me?

The ophthalmologists at Eye Site Sacramento perform comprehensive eye exams before cataract surgery to determine the appropriate IOLs for you. They may use an ultrasound on your eyes to test your vision and examine your eye health. 

In some cases, your provider may recommend a standard lens if you like wearing glasses or need a more affordable option.

Call Eye Site Sacramento today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about premium lenses.